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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

candid exposed thong pic

Man this candid thong is hot, i don't know whats so hot about it but it makes me want to jerk off so much. The photographer got so close, that makes it even better. Awesome candid exposed thong !


Sexy teen thong


Leopard print thong

Don't you love animal print thongs, yeah i know its hard to see but thats a damn nice leopard print thong wrapped around that lovely tight ass. I love it when the jeans are so tight you can see the seperation in her crack. I can just imagine removing that sexy leopard print thong and inserting my hard cock between. Awesome 10/10


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Drunk teen thong

Drunk teen thong pictures are fucking awesome, they are my favourite. Its amazing when girls get drunk and can't control themselves. There is something so sexy about drunk girls exposing there thong by mistake, almost as if they dont know. Although, we know they just want to get laid and are doing it on purpose. Anyway, this drunk teen thong gets a rating of 9/10


Hot thong pic

I can't describe this thong any other way than just a "hot thong pic" This girl is hot, and she wants to show you her thong. Yum yum. Hot thong pic gets 7/10


Camera phone thong

Ok, maybe not an exposed thong but i am going to post anything that looks hot in the interest of every male on the planet. Anyways, a camera phone thong. What else do i neeed to say, some hot girl felt the need to take pictures of her ass with her phone and upload them to the net. Camera phone phong gets a rating of 6/10


Highschool thongs

I can't get enough of these highschool thong pics. I love the candid ones taken with camera phones, there will be plenty more of these. Highschool thong gets a rating of 7/10


Elegant thong pic

This thong is so elegant, i love these types of thongs. Such a girly light blue colour and just hanging over her jeans, i'm nearly cuming now. Possibly the most elegant thong i have seen this week. Rating = 9/10


Thong wedgie

Wow, that must fucking hurt. Thats the most extreme thong wedgie i have seen in years, that girl must be in pain. You know what they say, pain for pleasure :-) This thong wedgie pic gets a rating of 6/10 not sexy, but funny.


Candid thong pic

What a fine candid thong, and one of my favourite colors too. Red yum yum. Nice height on the jeans, doesnt look extreme. Just a nice candid thong. The girl doesnt look to bad either, this candid thong pic gets a rating of 7/10